Happy Monday folks! Let's just take a second to remember our blissful weekends ... 

Saturday was spent at Disneyland with my brother and his gf. All the Halloween decorations were up already! So fun! I've never been to Disneyland around this time and a lot of the rides get a little spookier :). 

Sunday I met up with a new friend and her posse for some beers and beach time. She showed me this awesome bar in Hollywood with a front door that looks like a refrigerator.  The inside was 70s themed with carpet on the ceiling, old lamps, a record-spinning DJ, and a bar in a trailer out back. I'll def be revisiting it. 



What a Steel

jacket: Urban Outfitters/sunglasses: Ray Ban/shorts: Thrifted/necklace: Lulus/rings: Forever21/shoes: Boutique in Brazil

It's the freakin' weekend!

The last half of work yesterday was a jumble of steaming bridesmaid dresses to show Nordstrom, tidying up for the meeting on Monday, and laughing a lot because we were all bit delirious. I caught up on the phone with my friend Jennah while traffic crawled on the way home and then passed out watching Narcos on Netflix upon arrival. I "slept in" 'til 6:45 this morning ... what is wrong with me?! I've turned back into a full-fledged morning person. 

Today I have a fun day planned with my brother and his gf! Happy Saturday! 



Brown Eyed Girl

Today was a long day at work. We're prepping for showing dresses to Nordstrom and we did a mini photo shoot today to create images they can reference when they order.  I was the makeshift photographer - a scary feat since I have 0 studio experience.  I can't complain though, it's nice to get to do something different - change it up ;). I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday though! I'm already looking forward to sleeping in, though I've been really bad at it lately. 

much love 


Huntington Beach | Labor Day

Yesterday I drove all the way to work, arriving at 7:30 am, only to realize that the entire building was locked. My boss told me over the phone to just take the day off - a very awesome surprise! I even got paid for my time in the car so all's good in the hood.  I decided to go check out a new beach and Huntington was the lucky winner! I hadn't gotten enough fun in the sun when I got home so I hit the pool.  And to top my day off, I did a moonlit workout in the backyard. I'd say Labor Day was a huge success. I hope you all had a wonderful day! 



[Btw, that giant surfboard holds the world record for 'Most People on a Surfboard' ... 60+ people)!

Downtown With the Girls

This past week two of my coworkers/friends went for a fun girls' outing in DTLA.  We took photos along the streets and then ended up at Commissary, a restaurant in the Line Hotel. It is a beautiful place right next to the pool and it looks like a greenhouse because of the glass structure and all the plants everywhere. It really was dreamy. We had drinks and dinner and talked about where we see ourselves in five years.  I always love girl time. :)

Starting a New Blog

This is a year of chosen transitions and growth and even though I still love the concept of ifmyfingerswerefeathers.com, I want to start fresh on a new platform. Moving to Los Angeles almost two months ago has proven to be the right choice; I feel like I can really create what I've wanted to for years. It's like Rio but I can bring my camera around! I hope this is the start to something really special. Thanks for taking the journey with me, it's no fun on my own.