Just Lace

Funny, but after that last post about it being my day off I got a call from work asking me to cover for someone ... so yesterday was actually my first day off. I used to work in the morning but for the past couple months I have been working at night and it means that my sleep schedule is completely flipped. I really love getting to wake up when my body wants to. It's such a luxury! Today I walked to the gym, came back and made a particularly delicious lunch, and then took an hour-long nap before work. I feel like I have time for myself and it feels damn good. I'm savoring this, appreciating it. Also, literally everyone who came to my birthday get-together in Chico brought a bottle of wine so I've been indulging in them before bed ... tonight I sampled Julia's rosé and it was fucking delicious. 

cheers to getting enough sleep & self care <3


Red & Gold

Hey there beauties! Today at work there was a story being covered on the news about two whales that swam up into the Seal Beach channel and got stuck when the tide went out. Whales (and horses) are my favorite animals and I've never seen one in the ocean so I headed there straight after work. A little crowd had gathered to watch. The area the whales were confined to was so small. I just kept thinking how scared or worried they must be. I'm glad they had each other at least. It was amazing to see their fins and bursts of air from their blowholes so closely! I sang a little song to Yemanja and prayed that the ocean takes them back safely. I just saw a little update and it looks like they are still in the channel but doing okay. Hopefully they'll get to return to the ocean during the night. I'll post an update! 



Just a Thursday

Thursday thoughts: I went through quite an identity shift this summer. People who are getting to know me now - as opposed to a year and a half ago when I moved down to LA - see me in ways I have never been seen before. I think being humbled by life events during my first year in Southern California has made me so much stronger, more decisive, more communicative, more happy! Having this new part of me at the forefront makes navigating through each day an adventure. I pleasantly surprise myself constantly. I am very aware of myself. This is such a relief after having jobs and relationships that encouraged or required a certain numbing of my soul. I feel alive. I feel like me. I feel like I can take a breath and there's no rush to exhale. I can just exist as I am. Isn't it silly that we don't always feel like that? I knew I'd get here, and I am so glad I was right.