Last Day Home

Hi sweet thangs! Tomorrow will be my last day in Chico for a bit. I can’t believe how fast this trip has gone but part of me feels like it has been the perfect amount of time. It occurred to me today that I still haven’t had Hula’s, an amazing Hawaiian grill in town, so I may have to squeeze that in tomorrow haha. Also, I get to take one last dance class here tomorrow night with yet another guest teacher, this time from Mali. Dancing is the perfect way to be sent off! Just a heads up that I may not have much time to blog in the next couple months, but I will do my very best to give you little updates. Exciting things ahead! These photos were taken last week on a lovely girls’ day with Julia. We had brunch, went shopping, and stumbled on a carnival that hadn’t opened yet! Today has been v chill. I just got back from getting my nails done and now I’m going to start packing. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Oi coisas doces! Amanhã será meu último dia em Chico um pouco. Eu não posso acreditar o quão rápido esta viagem foi, mas parte de mim parece que tem sido a quantidade perfeita de tempo. Ocorreu-me hoje que eu ainda não tinha Hula's, uma grade havaiana incrível na cidade, então eu posso ter que espremer isso amanhã haha. Além disso, eu vou ter uma última aula de dança aqui amanhã à noite com outro professor convidado, desta vez do Mali. Dançar é a maneira perfeita de ser expulso! Apenas um aviso que eu posso não ter muito tempo para blogar nos próximos meses, mas eu farei o meu melhor para lhe dar pequenas atualizações. Coisas emocionantes pela frente! Essas fotos foram tiradas na semana passada em um lindo dia das meninas com Julia. Nós tivemos brunch, fomos fazer compras e tropeçamos em um carnaval que ainda não tinha aberto! Hoje foi muito chill. Acabei de fazer um manicure e agora vou começar a fazer as malas. Espero que todos tenham tido um fim de semana maravilhoso!




Top - Vintage | Jeans - Rolla’s

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a really nice weekend with Ceci and Bruno, and one of Ceci’s childhood friends Leah. We went on a tour of Sierra Nevada Brewery and then ate dinner at the newly remodeled restaurant. Afterwards we had a little hot tub hang back at Ceci’s place. I ended up sleeping over and we all went on a blustery hike in the morning. Right now I am at a Mexican restaurant I worked at right after college. I just had a delicious fish taco and got to catch up with the handful of servers and cooks I know who still work here! It is raining quite a bit today and my mom kindly let me use the car to run some errands. I’ll go put some gas in the car and return it to her in a minute. My mom signed me up on her gym membership this week, which has been so nice. It is so nice to feel strong! And I want to start taking advantage of the steam room. The gyms I went to in Long Beach and Rio didn’t have saunas, pools, hot tubs or steam rooms so this is quite a luxury. I overheat so quickly though so I always bring cold water to sip on (or splash on myself haha). It really helps! Tonight there is a West African class downtown though so I’ll probably go to that instead of the gym today. It’s always nice to have active indoor activities on cold and soggy days!

Espero que todos tenham tido um fim de semana adorável! Eu tive um final de semana muito legal com Ceci e Bruno, e uma das amigas de infância de Ceci, Leah. Nós fomos em uma excursão de Sierra Nevada Brewery e então jantamos no restaurante recentemente remodelado. Depois tivemos uma pequena banheira de hidromassagem no lugar de Ceci. Acabei dormindo e todos nós fomos em uma caminhada tempestuosa pela manhã. Agora estou em um restaurante mexicano em que trabalhei logo depois da faculdade. Acabei de ter um delicioso taco de peixe e tem de apanhar com o punhado de servidores e cozinheiros sei que ainda trabalham aqui! Está chovendo bastante hoje e minha mãe gentilmente me deixou usar o carro hoje para executar alguns recados. Vou colocar gasolina no carro e devolver para ela em um minuto. Minha mãe me inscreveu em sua academia esta semana, o que tem sido muito legal. É tão bom sentir-se forte! E quero começar a aproveitar a sauna a vapor. As academias que frequentei em Long Beach e no Rio não tinham saunas, piscinas, banheiras de hidromassagem ou saunas a vapor, então é um luxo e tanto. Eu superaqueci muito rápido, então eu sempre trago água fria para beber (ou espirrar em mim haha). Isso realmente ajuda! Hoje à noite há um centro de classe da África Ocidental, então eu provavelmente vou a isso em vez da academia hoje. É sempre bom ter atividades internas ativas em dias frios e encharcad

Little Dove

Top - Boohoo | Jeans - Fashion Nova

Hello and happy hump day! Today is finally my Friday. I got scheduled for 10 days in a row, so basically two weeks of work all crammed together, but I've finally made it to the promised land! And guess what I get to do tomorrow!? I get to go see my cousin Cheyanna in Joshua Tree and meet her new baby! I am so excited to visit with her and spend some time in the desert. Yesterday I took a pile of clothes that has been sitting in a corner of my room to get tailored. The first place I went was a cleaners/tailor but when I started going through the items the woman cut me off and said she was in the middle of eating lunch and could I come back in 2.5 hours ... I was so confused. I had to go to work in a little over an hour and I felt like she was just turning me away. So I packed my stuff up and found a tailor a few blocks away that is super legit, and all men sewing in the back! The older man at the front had me try everything on and pinned it accordingly. One of my items is a cheetah print maxi dress that I got at the thrift store. I want to shorten it into a mini dress and man was he encouraging that. He kept telling me I could probably make it shorter haha. Very different from when my mom hems my clothes. I'm really excited to get it all back in a week.



Home Body

Black Silk Maxi Slip - A gift from my Mamma

Happy Saturday! I got off of work not too long ago and am currently brainstorming on what to do with the rest of the afternoon. It's a bit chilly today so cozy things are sounding best. This evening I am going to my friend Dani's modern dance performance in Pasadena and then going out dancing with some friends in Hollywood. Should be a festive little night on the town! My friends Sabrina and Meg who I'm going out with tonight are moving to the Caribbean in about ten days, so I'm soaking up as much of them as possible before their impending departure. They have lived a few blocks away from me since I moved to Long Beach and I am so sad to lose such awesome neighbors! I'm obviously very excited for them though and have been playing with the idea of going to visit. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 



Gypsy Summer

Jacket - Zara | Swimsuit - Myra Swim | Choker - Lulus

Yup, a little sneak preview of the new place! I have been without internet this week (it's getting installed on Friday!) so I've been exploring the local coffee shop scene and renting movies to watch while I unpack. Today the maintenance guy fixed my closet bar so I can finally hang up my dresses. I now have two whole closets and I honestly don't know how I fit all these clothes in just one. I have SO many clothes and shoes. Not complaining but damn is it a bitch to move it all and reorganize! I've been traveling around all summer and living out of a suitcase so it's been like Xmas discovering all the things I've missed wearing and looking at. My place feels amazing. I think I am appreciative of what I have in a bigger and deeper way than ever before. Crazy how the universe just finds a way to teach you exactly what you need to understand.

Good omen update: when I was driving the Uhaul to my place for the first time, a monarch butterfly flew up the hood and then up the windshield. My family's Native culture believes that monarchs are a powerful sign of good luck, and I'd say so. I'm used to feeling lucky but these last few months put that in check a little bit. I think it's made me grateful for the good things rather than just expecting them. I didn't realize how entitled that expectation is/was until now. I'm glad for the lesson(s).

Gratefully yours,