Velvet Top - Target | Jeans - Anine Bing | Booties - Circus by Sam Edelman | Necklace -

Hello! Happy Friday! I just got back home from the chiropractor. Anyone who knows me knows how much I crave my back cracked so the chiropractor is more of a treat than a chore. I sprained my neck a few days ago and it was still not feeling healed so I had an expert take a look. My whole neck has felt warm since I left the appointment ... maybe it got the blood flowing again! Anyways, tomorrow is the annual Women's March in DTLA and I am going with my friends Meg and Joeye. I didn't go last year and was a bit embarrassed about it so I requested the day off this year and made a plan to get myself there! With all the sexual harassment and assault cases that have been brought to light this past year, I feel that it's super important to show face and support other women! I'm bringing my old camera with me and am hoping for some great, inspiring photos to share here. Stay tuned. 



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Jacket - Pendleton/Hurley | Jeans - Rollas | Boots - Doc Martens

Yesterday, after work, my mom and I took a stroll down 4th Street to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. We stopped at Holé Molé on the way home for some Rosaritos and potato tacos. One of my coworkers has been asking me every day if I'd tried it yet so I finally got to say yes today! When we got back we ate dinner and watched the first half of Santa Claus. Today I worked until about 2:30. It was a slow day so we all basically just hung out. My mom just went on a walk so I can wrap her presents while she's gone so I'd better get on that! I hope you're all having a lovely Christmas Eve.