Just a Thursday

Thursday thoughts: I went through quite an identity shift this summer. People who are getting to know me now - as opposed to a year and a half ago when I moved down to LA - see me in ways I have never been seen before. I think being humbled by life events during my first year in Southern California has made me so much stronger, more decisive, more communicative, more happy! Having this new part of me at the forefront makes navigating through each day an adventure. I pleasantly surprise myself constantly. I am very aware of myself. This is such a relief after having jobs and relationships that encouraged or required a certain numbing of my soul. I feel alive. I feel like me. I feel like I can take a breath and there's no rush to exhale. I can just exist as I am. Isn't it silly that we don't always feel like that? I knew I'd get here, and I am so glad I was right.



Le Pastel

velvet shift dress - lulus.com | faux fur jacket - urban outfitters

Hello hello little stranger. I am currently lounging in bed. Today is my Sunday night so to speak and it's been a very lovely 'weekend.' I've been conspiring with a few friends to go on a little getaway. One of my college roommates that I lived with in the dorms is getting her Ph.D. in Santa Barbara and we may have a little reunion next month, plus my friend Lauren in San Diego has a birthday coming up so I may head down there as well. I've had quite a strong travel bug lately and I need an adventure! I finally invested in a 50mm 1.4 lens and I'm obsessed. I just need a smaller case so I can bring my camera everywhere without having to worry too much. I also reinvested in Lightroom and Photoshop and have been having so much fun teaching myself new - more professional - ways of editing. It's a whole new world! 

Hope you're happy. 



Gypsy Summer

Jacket - Zara | Swimsuit - Myra Swim | Choker - Lulus

Yup, a little sneak preview of the new place! I have been without internet this week (it's getting installed on Friday!) so I've been exploring the local coffee shop scene and renting movies to watch while I unpack. Today the maintenance guy fixed my closet bar so I can finally hang up my dresses. I now have two whole closets and I honestly don't know how I fit all these clothes in just one. I have SO many clothes and shoes. Not complaining but damn is it a bitch to move it all and reorganize! I've been traveling around all summer and living out of a suitcase so it's been like Xmas discovering all the things I've missed wearing and looking at. My place feels amazing. I think I am appreciative of what I have in a bigger and deeper way than ever before. Crazy how the universe just finds a way to teach you exactly what you need to understand.

Good omen update: when I was driving the Uhaul to my place for the first time, a monarch butterfly flew up the hood and then up the windshield. My family's Native culture believes that monarchs are a powerful sign of good luck, and I'd say so. I'm used to feeling lucky but these last few months put that in check a little bit. I think it's made me grateful for the good things rather than just expecting them. I didn't realize how entitled that expectation is/was until now. I'm glad for the lesson(s).

Gratefully yours, 


Zavala Wedding

What an awesome weekend! I got to go home to Northern California for my dear friends' wedding. It was an absolutely magical evening. Weddings are always happy and fun, but this one was especially beautiful. Oh how I love love! I was so happy to see all my friends and spend the night dancing away under the oaks and the ridge. And of course, there were lots of funny occurrences that made reminiscing this morning at brunch quite fun. That being said, I need to go to sleep because I didn't do much relaxing this weekend and I've got to get up early maƱana.

Congratulations Shaylyn & Zane!