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I hope you all had a nice weekend. I just wrapped up mine with a steaming hot, candle-lit bath and I'm feeling particularly pampered. This last week my friend Hannah came to spend the day with me. We first met during my year in Rio de Janeiro and she currently lives in San Francisco. The last time I was up there to go to the Solange concert with my friend Christina we didn't get to see each other, so I'm so glad it worked out this time around! We walked seven miles along the beach together just catching up and soaking in the rare warm day. It's always so nice to catch up with old friends! Thanks for a lovely visit Miss Hannah! 


Flea Market

My friend Stevi was in town this weekend from New York City and I spent a very fun 24 hours with her and Carolina. On Sunday, the three of us explored the Long Beach Flea Market before an essential trip to In-N-Out. I'll show you the things I got at the market soon!