Parada do Orgulho

Hey there beauties. You may have seen on my instagram that I got super sick this week. Name a symptom and I probably had it at some point in the last five days. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting better. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak! It has put a little damper on me finding an apartment but everything happens for a reason. I keep thinking back to how hard it was for me to find a place in Long Beach, but the apartment I eventually found could not have been better. Sometimes you just have to be patient and know that good things are coming your way. Timing is everything. On Sunday I escaped from bed for the afternoon to accompany Taina and Max to the Pride Parade along Copacabana Beach. Some pretty famous pop stars performed like Luisa Sonza and I definitely enjoyed myself. Taina is from a different part of Brazil but she’s hoping to move to Rio soon. I hope it works out because she was so much fun! Whenever I didn’t understand something she would patiently explain. I so appreciate that! Well, I’m going to go get some lunch and then come back and rest more. I will be on antibiotics until Saturday so I just want to take it easy and make sure I really kick this sickness!

I hope you are all happy and healthy <3

Oi belezas. Você pode ter visto no meu instagram que eu fiquei super doente esta semana. Cite um sintoma e provavelmente o tive em algum momento nos últimos cinco dias. Finalmente estou sentindo que estou melhorando. Eu posso ver a luz no fim do túnel, por assim dizer! Isso me atrapalhou em encontrar um apartamento, mas tudo acontece por um motivo. Eu continuo pensando em como foi difícil para mim encontrar um lugar em Long Beach, mas o apartamento que eu finalmente encontrei não poderia ter sido melhor. Às vezes você só tem que ser paciente e saber que as coisas boas estão vindo em sua direção. Tempo é tudo. No domingo escapei da cama para a tarde para acompanhar Tainá e Max na Parada do Orgulho ao longo da praia de Copacabana. Alguns pop stars muito famosos se apresentaram como Luisa Sonza e eu definitivamente me diverti. Taina é de uma parte diferente do Brasil, mas ela espera mudar para o Rio em breve. Espero que funcione porque ela foi muito divertida! Sempre que eu não entendia algo que ela explicaria pacientemente. Eu aprecio muito isso! Bem, eu vou almoçar e depois voltar e descansar mais. Eu vou estar em antibióticos até sábado, então eu só quero ter calma e ter certeza que eu realmente chuto esta doença!

Eu espero que você esteja feliz e saudável <3



Good Days Only

Top - Free People | Jeans - Rollas | Sandals - Blowfish Malibu 

Hello hello! I just went to yoga for the first time in a couple weeks. I've been feeling a bit tight from going to the gym so I thought it would be a good idea to allot today to just stretching. I always bike to yoga and I lay it down next to me on the grass during class. I've had the thought that I could get too zen and someone could swipe it quickly so I lay my yoga mat case and my backpack over the frame. As I was walking my bike off the lawn after class today someone did actually try to steal someone's bike! After the owner started yelling that it was her bike a guy from yoga knocked a girl off the bike at the intersection and got the bike back. It was so crazy! The girl had a yoga mat but walked off quickly without it. What a silly decision! Yoga on the bluff is a free/donation based class so it just seems so strange to take a free class based on loving and nourishing yourself and then greedily try and steal someone's mode of transportation right afterwards. I was impressed with how quickly that guy sprung into action though. And I feel a bit sad for the girl who attempted the whole thing. 

Anyways :) I have tomorrow off and I'm happy about it. I've been scheduled with Tuesday & Thursdays off the last couple weeks and it's actually pretty nice. I never work more than four days in a row which feels really easy. 




Good afternoon babes! I was supposed to have today off but I got a call right after yoga this morning that someone needs tonight covered. Luckily I didn't have any plans until later tonight so that works out pretty well. And now I get to postpone my free day, which I'm not mad at. The Grand Prix was in Long Beach this weekend which meant it was really busy at work and parking was almost impossible. I worked from 2-midnight on Saturday and then 8:30-4:30 Sunday so I was exhausted last night. Nothing too exciting to update you on.