Ayy bae bae. I'm currently posted up in a coffee shop in Culver City, headed to a dance class in a sec. This past weekend was my coworker Liz's birthday (so many birthdays!) and I went a little too hard Friday night. I woke up at noon on Saturday, got water, and went back to bed 'til three. The weekends already seem fast so when you sleep a whole day away practically ... Monday comes too quick. I think I'm going to take a break from going out haha. Sunday was nice though. I went to dance class and there was a guest teacher: a woman I danced with in Brazil! She's pretty famous in the dance community and I went up after class to thank her and she remembered me! I was very flattered. Then I met up with my brother and we went back to my place to cook a delicious spicy noodle stir fry. I was so excited to take some to work with me for lunch until Raoul went back for 2nds, 3rds, etc. I forget how much that kid can eat! Oh well, my mom will be happy I got some veggies in him.