Sweater Weather

Sweater - Nakd | Jeans - Flea Market (Lee Jeans) | Boots - Thrifted

Last night we had a guest teacher who taught Afro-Haitian/Cuban dance. It’s always so nice to dance in different styles - a welcomed challenge. My back is so sore! I’ve spent the majority of the day studying but I slept in (for the first time since Rio!) and went on a nice park walk with my sissy for a little break mid-day. I’m currently at a coffee shop downtown and will head home soon. Does anyone else have so much trouble studying at home? I’ve always had to get out of the house if I want to maintain concentration. 

Ontem à noite tivemos um professor convidado que ensinou dança afro-haitiana / cubana. É sempre bom dançar em estilos diferentes - um desafio bem-vindo. Minhas costas estão tão doloridas! Eu passei a maior parte do dia estudando, mas eu dormi (pela primeira vez desde o Rio!) E fui em um belo parque andar com minha maricas para um pequeno intervalo no meio do dia. Atualmente, estou em um café no centro da cidade e voltarei para casa em breve. Alguém mais tem dificuldade em estudar em casa? Eu sempre tive que sair de casa se quisesse manter a concentração.

Lauren's Birthday

Hey there sweet thangs! Last night I went to see Jumanji with a friend and it was so much better than I expected! I thought it was going to just be a remake of the original but everything about it was modernized. We laughed a ton :). These photos were taken this past weekend in San Diego. I really love going to visit Lauren. I've been down to visit her enough times now that we spend half the time visiting places I know and love, and the other half exploring places I have not yet been. It feels like a home away from home thanks to Lauren's lovely hosting. She's always trying to convince me to move there but I am still partial to Long Beach. It's so nice to have a little change of scenery though. 



Having a unique name (at least in this part of the world) means that I have never found my name on a keychain or mini license plate. My grandparent's recognized that I would miss out on this very important ;) piece of American culture and gave me quite a few personalized items over the years to assure I didn't feel left out. I cherish all of them. I've had this necklace since elementary school and refused to wear it to school for fear of breaking it during one of my cut-throat tetherball tournaments or while defending a soccer goal. I'm grateful for my forethought because now, twenty years later, I can still rock it and reminisce on how lovely my family has been to me. 'Tis the season for thoughtful gifts. Inspired? I am.