Aula de Dança

Thunder, lightning, and a whole lot of rain. It hasn’t rained very much this month so the epic tropical storm that rolled through Rio this afternoon was a welcomed pause in all the heat and humidity. The breeze wafting in from the window to my left and steady sound of cars on the wet and puddle-ridden asphalt will be my lullaby this evening. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night and weekend!

Trovões, raios e muita chuva. Não choveu muito este mês, então a tempestade tropical épica que rolou pelo Rio esta tarde foi uma pausa bem-vinda em todo o calor e umidade. A brisa que sopra da janela à minha esquerda e o som constante de carros no asfalto molhado e cheio de poças será minha canção de ninar esta noite. Espero que todos tenham uma maravilhosa sexta-feira à noite e fim de semana!



Pretty Little Bird

Hi loves! I have been in the mood to get rid of things lately and I think this romper is one of them! There are certain things in my closet that I never/rarely gravitate towards and others that I love so much I've worn them once ... which makes little sense. I'm making it a point to wear those items and I've found that, with the first category of garments, they are often ill-fitting and unflattering. I don't feel great in them. And this romper is one of them. I'm actually sitting at a coffee shop in it right now, wishing I was in something else haha. At least it's comfortable though! I went through a phase a long time ago where I got rid of anything that was even remotely small but then I started buying things that were too big for me. I feel like I'm finally balancing out and have become increasingly picky about fit and fabric content. I guess I'm growing up! I know and understand my body and what I look/feel good in and after making myself wear this romper today it's time to add it to the giveaway pile! And as for the items that I covet and never wear, I'm telling myself that it's time to put them on and flaunt them! There's no time like the present - as cliché as that is. And sometimes you need to wear them for a day to figure out which category they're really in.  

Cheers to shedding what you need to shed and savoring the good things!

Somehow this turned into a metaphor about life haha!