Floripa Iphone Photos

Good morning! I just ate some oatmeal, completed some things for work, and now I’m debating whether to take a shower or just go straight to the beach. I didn’t want these photos to get lost in the shuffle because I never brought my big camera to any of the beaches in Florianópolis, but most of the days there were spent at the beach. Rio definitely has my heart in terms of the balance of nature and city, but these barely populated beaches in Floripa made me realize how much I miss quiet nature. Los Angeles was similar to Rio in the way that even when you go off into the wilderness, you are rarely alone. I’m used to the pensive solitude you can tap into when you retreat into nature. I would love to plan a trip soon to another beach getaway.

Bom Dia! Acabei de comer um pouco de aveia, completei algumas coisas para o trabalho e agora estou debatendo se vou tomar um banho ou ir direto para a praia. Eu não queria que essas fotos se perdessem no baralho porque eu nunca trouxe minha câmera grande para nenhuma das praias de Florianópolis, mas a maioria dos dias passava na praia. Rio definitivamente tem meu coração em termos do equilíbrio da natureza e da cidade, mas essas praias pouco povoadas em Floripa me fizeram perceber o quanto eu sinto falta da natureza tranquila. Los Angeles era semelhante ao Rio no sentido de que, mesmo quando você sai para o deserto, raramente fica sozinho. Estou acostumada com a solidão pensativa que você pode aproveitar quando se retira na natureza. Eu adoraria planejar uma viagem em breve para outra escapada de praia.



Gypsy Summer

Jacket - Zara | Swimsuit - Myra Swim | Choker - Lulus

Yup, a little sneak preview of the new place! I have been without internet this week (it's getting installed on Friday!) so I've been exploring the local coffee shop scene and renting movies to watch while I unpack. Today the maintenance guy fixed my closet bar so I can finally hang up my dresses. I now have two whole closets and I honestly don't know how I fit all these clothes in just one. I have SO many clothes and shoes. Not complaining but damn is it a bitch to move it all and reorganize! I've been traveling around all summer and living out of a suitcase so it's been like Xmas discovering all the things I've missed wearing and looking at. My place feels amazing. I think I am appreciative of what I have in a bigger and deeper way than ever before. Crazy how the universe just finds a way to teach you exactly what you need to understand.

Good omen update: when I was driving the Uhaul to my place for the first time, a monarch butterfly flew up the hood and then up the windshield. My family's Native culture believes that monarchs are a powerful sign of good luck, and I'd say so. I'm used to feeling lucky but these last few months put that in check a little bit. I think it's made me grateful for the good things rather than just expecting them. I didn't realize how entitled that expectation is/was until now. I'm glad for the lesson(s).

Gratefully yours,