Hello loves! I am chillin' in my usual coffee shop, post yoga on the bluff. I am addicted to one of the paninis here so I've been loving going to yoga and then working on the blog and eating lunch down the street. I am excited to share these photos! Yosemite is too beautiful for pictures to truly capture. I had such a nice weekend with a mixture twelve old and new friends. We camped for two nights with no reception, no electricity, just coyote howls and lots of stars. Fresh air does a body good. One thing that makes Yosemite so unique is the striking contrast between the soft green meadows and the towering rock formations and mountains. There is nothing gradual or transitory about the valley. It is two extremes that together, create a true work of art. Nature is magic. I am excited to be heading up to Chico in a couple weeks for my birthday. I have my two days there already jam-packed with plans which include more nature and a little dancing, among other things.  

Happy Monday 


Bay Area

This weekend I headed to The Bay to visit my friend Xtina and see Solange play a life altering show at the Greek Theatre. Christina and I danced together in high school so we go way back. I stayed with her in Oakland and we did a lot of exploring - visiting Lake Merritt, Berkeley, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate Bridge, and took a dance class (that I am still SO sore from) in the Mission District. We ate really well along the way too. All in all it was a pretty perfect weekend. 



Solange photo cred to @shelbymayes, @itgoesanandanand, and @rchlstl <3

Upper Park

Here is a little flashback to a day in the sun and water with my friend Acacia and her puppy. Upper Park is the upper half of Bidwell Park that runs through Chico and up into the hills. It frames a creek that travels through town. Lower Park is lush and green with a tight-knit canopy that keeps the vines and moss green below. Upper Park on the other hand has dry, rustling blonde grass and a canyon of lava rocks where the creek runs through. The water was still pretty cold - it warms up in July - but we managed to swim upstream a bit and have a little picnic and sunbath on a little rock ledge. I've taken so many photos this month that it's hard to find time to upload them all! I love this 'problem'!




Summer is magical and I am gulping it down.

I feel really lucky to be in Chico, my hometown #2, at this pivotal moment when the creeks are warming and the college students have left. Us locals get to take over what is rightfully ours ;). The sun is warm on some days, perfect for walks in the park under the epic oaks. And other days it's hot, perfect for whole afternoons spent at swimming holes.

Summer is medicine and I am gulping it down. 



Zavala Wedding

What an awesome weekend! I got to go home to Northern California for my dear friends' wedding. It was an absolutely magical evening. Weddings are always happy and fun, but this one was especially beautiful. Oh how I love love! I was so happy to see all my friends and spend the night dancing away under the oaks and the ridge. And of course, there were lots of funny occurrences that made reminiscing this morning at brunch quite fun. That being said, I need to go to sleep because I didn't do much relaxing this weekend and I've got to get up early maƱana.

Congratulations Shaylyn & Zane!