Summer Mood Board II

I started this post yesterday and I had so much I wanted to say. I'll try to recall ... I'm officially in my last week in Long Beach and I'm feeling a lot of things that can be summed up most easily as nostalgia. This apartment, this job, this city ... were all safe havens after a 'gypsy summer' last year where I didn't really have any stability. It was a beautiful summer, full of self-growth, being super present, spending so much time outside that I got the tannest I've ever been. But I was craving my own space, some peace of mind, and a little more of a routine by the end of it. I've often talked about this apartment as my little nest, even before I ever thought of leaving it. I surprised myself by wanting to leave it, this perfect little haven I'd created for myself. What I've learned: nests are for growth, and growth is for flying away - which I will literally be doing very shortly. I think I needed to prove that I could create a cozy, stress-free life for myself, completely independently. Now that I have, I feel free to create that - or something else - elsewhere. 

cheers to nesting, flying away, and the freedom to do so 


Eu comecei este post ontem e eu tinha tanto que queria dizer. Vou tentar lembrar ... Estou oficialmente na minha última semana em Long Beach e estou sentindo muitas coisas que podem ser resumidas mais facilmente como nostalgia. Este apartamento, este trabalho, esta cidade ... eram todos refúgios seguros depois de um "verão cigano" no ano passado onde eu realmente não tinha nenhuma estabilidade. Foi um verão lindo, cheio de crescimento pessoal, sendo super presente, passando tanto tempo fora que consegui o bronzeado que já estive. Mas eu estava desejando meu próprio espaço, alguma paz de espírito e um pouco mais de uma rotina até o final. Eu sempre falei sobre esse apartamento como meu pequeno ninho, mesmo antes de pensar em deixá-lo. Eu me surpreendi ao querer deixá-lo, este pequeno refúgio perfeito que eu criei para mim mesmo. O que eu aprendi: os ninhos são para o crescimento, e o crescimento é para fugir - o que eu literalmente estarei fazendo em breve. Eu acho que eu precisava provar que eu poderia criar uma vida confortável e livre de estresse para mim, de forma completamente independente. Agora que estou, sinto-me livre para criar isso - ou alguma outra coisa - em outro lugar.

aplausos ao ninho, voando para longe, e a liberdade de fazê-lo



Spring Mood Board

The new Instagram feature where you can save photos has quickly turned into a mood board. Scrolling through, I started to realize how cohesive my photos and interests are and thought they would make a nice collage to share. I hope these images inspire you as they've inspired me! There is a lot about social media that doesn't sit right with me but the ability to share and have access to inspirational art is undeniable. 



Peaches & Cream

I just sat down and had a delicious vermicelli rice noodle salad, complete with tofu and about a pound of sriracha. It's funny to think back to sriracha being spicy for me. I eat it like ketchup now. Ridiculous, but I think my worth as a woman is tied up in my ability to eat spicy food. It's something I'm proud of. My friend Francesca's mom told me last night that she can't handle eating chilis anymore. She said that when she was a teenager her mom would make a pork chili verde dish and one time she made it so spicy that it burnt a hole in the tupperware and did something similar to her esophagus. I hope I  never reach a point where my body says no but my mouth says yaaaas. Peaches and cream may not be a very fitting title for this post after all :). 

hoping you're happy, 


Horseback Riding

If you knew me as a kid at all, you know my love of horses. I still have a chunk of money saved in bank in Missoula for my "future horse." Someday ... My cousin's friend George offered to take me riding as a late birthday present and it was hands down the best gift. I got to ride a Strawberry Roan that was as sweet as he was large. We drove out into the cut above Arlee for a good hour, drank some Summer Shandy's and went on a 6 hour ride! It was so beautiful and exhilarating. There really is nothing better than a gallop up a mountain. 



Creek Catch-Up

When I first pulled into my mom's driveway a week ago I was greeted by Aisha, a girl I used to babysit when I was in high school. My mom was giving her mom a massage and she was waiting patiently in the living room. It was a lovely welcome home to get to catch up with her and hear all about her soccer stardom, graduating from 8th grade, and playing violin. When she asked me if I'd be willing to give her a photography lesson I was very flattered (with the little that I know). So, this week I met her after school and we trekked into Lower Park with a camera and some iced tea.  It was mostly us talking and sharing funny junior high stories ... there are so many to choose from. Here are some of the photos she took of me after a bit of a "lesson." The ones I took of her have been added to the Portfolio tab above.



Here are more photos from my trip to Anza-Borrega State Park. Those sun flares are pure magic! 

Today I have a few things on the agenda ... repotting some plants and soaking in the sunshine on what is supposed to be a 90 degree day! I think I'll take a nap too. You know it's a going to be a good day when you're already planning a nap at 6:45 a.m. 

Happy Friday!


Portfolio Tab

Hi and happy aaalmost Friday! I have a lot to tell you but I'll save that for a later post.  This one is all about the new Portfolio tab that you can find in the top navigation. I love to blog, and it's inherently connected to my love of photography. The Portfolio tab will keep me organized, keeping my blog photos and photos taken of me separate from ones I take with a separate intention. There isn't a ton there right now, but when I have time, I'll go through my archives and make it pretty! 

model is Celeste McMillian, my beautiful childhood friend who lives here in LA



Photos from the Week

Hello lovelies! We're oh-so-close to Friday and I can already feel the relief coming on! It has been yet another crazy week at work. We've been making so many new orders and it is my job to make sure all the info is entered into our system properly so I have been a busy bee. Cross your fingers for me that I don't have to stay late tomorrow! I just got home from my favorite hip-hop class in Torrance. Nothing makes me as happy as dancing ... and nothing makes me as sore! I love it. After not having a real variety of classes to take for the last few years, I can't imagine that I will ever take for granted how many amazing teachers/classes are at my fingertips in LA. I feel so fucking lucky. 

Cheers! To doing what you <3