The Final Hour

Today was pretty great. Work was really slow this morning so I got sent home after just two hours and decided to go sign up for that gym that will be opening up soon downtown. They have a good deal going on right now and they have another location that's only 20 minutes away that I can go to in the meantime. Dancing once a week isn't enough! I'm excited to take advantage of both the equipment and the classes. After signing up for the gym I went to yoga outside on the bluff and then to get some tea. When I got home and saw that I got a parking ticket (I forgot about the damn street sweeping) and was feeling a bit frustrated so I headed to the gym and let off some steam haha. I'm feeling good and sore after a nice hot shower. 

Happy Monday 


Desert Dessert

A few weekends ago I went on a little day trip to the desert. I just needed some silence and solitude. I love me some city, but I can't live without my nature. There is something so magical about the desert and its muted shades. No harsh hues but lots of snarled cacti that will insert themselves in your feet via your open-toed sandals ... BEWARE ;).  

smooches on smooches