A Little Lush

Hey there beauties! I just got back from lunch at Seabirds with Meg, Sabrina, Carlos, Selena, and Garen. Today is Meg and Sabrina's last full day in Long Beach :( I may go to an art show with them tonight ... I just keep postponing the actual goodbye! The food at Seabirds is so good though and all vegan. They had these jackfruit nachos that pretty perfectly mimicked carnitas. Lucky me that it's so close! 

Happy Friday 


All in a Day's Walk

DTLA is kind of my old stomping grounds. I worked down here for a year and commuted for 2.5 hours a day to get here. It's been nice the last couple days to revisit some of my favorite spots and discover some new ones. I took a stroll through Pershing Square and ended up at The Last Bookstore where I found a book I've been searching for all summer. It's called The Chosen by Chaim Potok - a book I read in high school. I remember it capturing the pressure of living up to expectations as a young adult and it had a big emotional impact on me - putting words to feelings I didn't know were shared. I remember telling people it was my favorite book for a while, but I stopped because it turned a simple, "What's your favorite book?" question into a deep discussion that people often weren't looking for. I'm looking forward to rereading it and seeing if it hits my heart the same way it did a decade ago. 

cheers to long walks and the art along the way