Summer is magical and I am gulping it down.

I feel really lucky to be in Chico, my hometown #2, at this pivotal moment when the creeks are warming and the college students have left. Us locals get to take over what is rightfully ours ;). The sun is warm on some days, perfect for walks in the park under the epic oaks. And other days it's hot, perfect for whole afternoons spent at swimming holes.

Summer is medicine and I am gulping it down. 



SoCal So Good

Like my cheesy title? ;) I've been antsy to share tidbits from my weekend because it was OH so good. It deserves documentation. Saturday afternoon I drove a little South and met up with my childhood friend Ryan who lives only about 30 minutes from me.  He took me to this super dope brunch spot in Newport where you get free bottomless mimosas when you order off the brunch menu ... SUCH a steal! After catching up over chicken & waffles and eggs benedict, we sauntered on over to the beach and swam! Highlight of my life! I haven't been full-on swimming, diving under ocean waves since Rio, and something in my soul was screaming Hallelujah!!! Ugh, so good. Usually it feels too cold, maybe it was the champagne haha, or maybe it actually was warmer. That night we drove into Downtown LA and went to an improv comedy show that was awesome. Sunday was less packed, but after a day like that, a relaxing day is perfect. I chilled at home until the evening when I got dinner with my friend Dani in Long Beach.

Old friends & new adventures. I'm so down.