New Clairvaux Vineyard


Blouse - Zara | Shorts - American Eagle | Mules - Thrifted

Hi there! On Wednesday Jenelle, Kelly, Julia and I took a trip out to the New Clairvaux Vineyard, about 20 minutes outside of Chico. The wine was so delicious! I would have bought a bottle if I was staying in The States longer. The vineyard is also a monestary and is home to a small group of monks. The church on the property is absolutely beautiful! We got to listen to the monks sing and after they left we explored! We happened to be there while the man who designed and built the church was fixing something and he told us all about the history. It’s a relatively new church but the stones used to build it are over 200 years old and were originally imported from Spain. If you look closely there are symbols carved into the stone. He said the stone makers were paid per stone so they would mark the ones they had completed in order to be paid at the end of the week. The designer or “master mason” purposefully pointed these markings inwards and placed them at eye-level so this history could be remembered. Some places just have good vibes and this church was one of them. Buildings like this one, crafted with so much attention to detail, aren’t made often anymore. It was lovely to wander around with a little wine buzz ;).

happy sipping

Olá! Na quarta-feira, Jenelle, Kelly, Julia e eu fizemos uma viagem ao vinhedo New Clairvaux, a cerca de 20 minutos de Chico. O vinho estava tão delicioso! Eu teria comprado uma garrafa se eu fosse ficar nos Estados Unidos por mais tempo. A vinha é também um mosteiro e é o lar de um pequeno grupo de monges. A igreja na propriedade é absolutamente linda! Nós conseguimos ouvi-los cantar e quando eles foram deixados, nós exploramos! Aconteceu que estávamos lá enquanto o homem que projetou e construiu a igreja estava consertando algo e nos contou tudo sobre a história. É uma igreja relativamente nova, mas as pedras usadas para construí-la têm mais de 200 anos e foram originalmente importadas da Espanha. Se você olhar de perto, há símbolos esculpidos na pedra. Ele disse que os fabricantes de pedras eram pagos por pedra para que eles marcassem os que tinham concluído para serem pagos no final da semana. O designer ou "mestre pedreiro" propositalmente apontou essas marcas para dentro e as colocou ao nível dos olhos para que essa história pudesse ser lembrada. Alguns lugares só têm boas vibrações e esta igreja era uma delas. Edifícios como este, criados com tanta atenção aos detalhes, não são mais feitos com frequência. Foi adorável para passear com um pouco de vinho buzz ;).

feliz sorvendo



Top - Mamma’s Closet | Shorts - Ay Que Vintage | Earrings - Thrifted

I realize that I never told you guys that I got a new computer! My old one would crash every time I opened up Lightroom or Photoshop so I was doing all my editing on my phone which decreases the quality. I am having such a good time experimenting with editing on my gorgeous little space grey MacBook Pro! This will mean more blogging and higher quality images! Because I had to transfer all the images I edited back onto my computer to make a blogpost, it was harder and therefore didn’t happen often. Now I can just transfer whatever I want to post on instagram onto my phone, one at a time. So much nicer! Last night my little gang of friends here in Chico got together for dinner at my friend Jenelle’s new place. She has such a knack for decorating, and the house itself is so cute, so it’s just all-around gorgeous! I’m happy I gave myself two weeks in Chico so I can see everyone more than once at a relaxed pace. It is a little strange not to be working, but I am going to enjoy it!

Eu percebo que eu nunca disse a vocês que eu tenho um novo computador! Meu antigo travaria toda vez que eu abria o Lightroom ou o Photoshop, então eu estava fazendo todas as minhas edições no meu telefone, o que diminui a qualidade. Estou a divertir-me a experimentar a edição no meu fantástico MacBook Pro cinzento cinzento! Isso significará mais blogs e imagens de maior qualidade! Como tive que transferir todas as imagens que eu editei de volta para o meu computador para fazer uma postagem no blog, era mais difícil e, portanto, não acontecia com frequência. Agora posso transferir o que quiser postar no instagram para o meu telefone, um de cada vez. Muito melhor! Ontem à noite minha pequena gangue de amigos aqui em Chico se reuniu para jantar no novo local da minha amiga Jenelle. Ela tem tal talento para decorar, e a casa em si é tão fofa, então é linda! Estou feliz por ter me dado duas semanas em Chico para poder ver todo mundo mais de uma vez em um ritmo descontraído. É um pouco estranho não estar trabalhando, mas vou aproveitar!



Birthday Back Home

Photos by Jenelle Zavala

Dress - Thrifted (and tailored by my Mamma moments before this little shoot <3)

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I went home to Chico, CA for my birthday last week. I was unsure what I wanted to do this year for my birthday but this last-minute decision worked out beautifully! Last year I was tucked into the Montana mountains. It was the perfect place to reflect on the year I had just had and the year ahead of me. I didn't want this year to be anything less and thanks to my beautiful Mamma and lovely friends it was a perfect day. I kind of feel like I was 27 for multiple years, even though it flew by in other ways. Birthdays are opportunities to check in. They're mile markers ... Are you where you thought you'd be? Do you want to do more? Less? Create a new path even if it requires hacking your way through with a machete? Haha 

cheers to new years 


Lace & Denim

Lace Top - Victoria's Secret | Denim Dress - Thrifted | Boots - Free People

Hey hey! I hope you're doing well! I've a had a really nice couple days off. It started off with a movie/wine night in the bathtub. This has become one of my (not so guilty) pleasures. It's been quite chilly considering summer is around the corner and sometimes I just crave to be warmed to the bones, which a bath provides! The wine and movie just make it that much nicer. I tend to overheat quickly too so the movie or show distracts me and allows me to stay in a bit longer. You should try it ;). I've been to the gym both days I had off too. I was so sore this morning from yesterday but I still went to a Butt/Belly/Thighs workout class this morning. I don't think it would have been very hard if I hadn't been SO sore. It felt good to move all that lactic acid through my system though and I rolled out my muscles a bit on a foam roller after class. Afterwards I went to get a smoothie. Did you guys know that Jamba Juice has a 'secret' menu? I thought I'd try one that was recommended called the "Red Gummy." It was a little too sweet for me but it did taste so much like a gummy bear! I'll probably stick with my favorite Peanut Butter Banana one ;). 




Top - Thrifted | Pants - Stolen from my Ma :) | Booties - Circus by Sam Edelman 

Good morning! Today is my last day in Santa Barbara and luckily Nicole has the whole day free to spend with me! Yesterday we had lunch together and then I headed downtown while she met with a professor for a few hours. I wandered around, popping into shops while sipping on a matcha latte from Good Cup. When Nicole was done we met up and headed to dinner at a restaurant in La Arcada. I'm just waiting for her to wake up right now so we can go wander around more today. I'll head back to Long Beach this evening ... just in time for traffic. 

Have a lovely Friday! 



Having a unique name (at least in this part of the world) means that I have never found my name on a keychain or mini license plate. My grandparent's recognized that I would miss out on this very important ;) piece of American culture and gave me quite a few personalized items over the years to assure I didn't feel left out. I cherish all of them. I've had this necklace since elementary school and refused to wear it to school for fear of breaking it during one of my cut-throat tetherball tournaments or while defending a soccer goal. I'm grateful for my forethought because now, twenty years later, I can still rock it and reminisce on how lovely my family has been to me. 'Tis the season for thoughtful gifts. Inspired? I am.



Bel Air

Hoops - NY&Co | Nude Top - F21 | Skirt - Thrifted | Boots - Amazon 

Photos by Alli Nadine

I am trying so hard to blog more! I have all these ideas for posts floating around my head but I realize I should just get in the habit of posting, whether it's well-thought out or not. My goal really is to post once a day - so you can see I'm slacking. I don't want to put too much pressure on written content though. My focus is on the photos. I've been strangely tired this week however, which has stood in my way a bit. Other than going on a long bike ride along the coast, going out to dinner and drinks with some coworkers, and running some errands, I've primarily spent the week at home. Last night I fell asleep at 8 pm and I still woke up groggy. I've been cooking for myself a lot so I know that I'm not lacking nutrients. I'll just listen to my body I suppose. It sort of gives me no choice ;). Tonight my friend Victoria is coming over to check out my new place and eat dinner. I'm cooking a polenta and mushroom dish and have a fresh bottle of wine ready and waiting! I really love to cook, but I especially love cooking for others.



Slip of the Tongue

slip - thrifted | shirt - thrifted | shoes - kensie

Styled and shot by my fave: Olivia Bwalya

This week someone said to me that people in our lives are either blessings or lessons - and something in me hesitated when I heard it. I didn't understand why it didn't sit quite right with me until today, and the reason is that I feel that lessons are blessings as well. They suck a little harder than straight blessings, don't get me wrong, but they are something to be grateful for just the same. This summer has been transformative and growth is never easy. I am so looking forward to getting a second to catch my breath from all the obstacle hurtling. But you never know with life. I won't assume it'll let up anytime soon. I'll just enjoy the blessings as they come and do my best to listen to the omens.



Rare LA Rain

Bodysuit - | Jeans - Fashion Nova | Dr. Martens Boots - Thrifted | Coat - American Eagle

These photos were taken last weekend when we got a sudden and rare bout of rain. It was perfect timing because all I really wanted to do was chill at home - and that's what I did except for going out Saturday night with Ryan and John in Huntington Beach and hitting the LB Flea Market on Sunday. This weekend is going to feel extremely long because I won't be back in the office until Wednesday. I'm working from home for the Lulus Cyber Monday sale. How luxurious, right?! Happy Friday! 



70 Degrees

dress: Lulus/boots: Thrifted

Today was actually kind of blustery, but still pretty warm in true LA fashion. At work we looked at a potential new office space. It's right across the street from the building we're in now, but it's on the top floor and has a roof deck and a view of Downtown ... so it's way better! We all got pretty excited about it, but nothing is locked down. I went to a hip-hop class this evening and now it's time for sleepzzzzzz.