Mini Juice Cleanse

On Monday night I headed up to Manhattan Beach, one of my favorite places, to have dinner with my uncle. He was here for a 12 hour layover on his way to Australia for two months (lucky!). I got there just in time to watch the sunset and then we got a delicious dinner at a restaurant a block up from the beach. After a bottle of wine, three dishes, and a slice of cheesecake I hugged him goodbye and sent him barreling down the street in a taxi, back to the airport. On my way back to my car I stopped by Pressed Juicery and was persuaded to take advantage of a pretty sweet promotion for a one day cleanse. With the cold weather and the holidays it's easy to go into hibernation mode - so it's reinvigorating to give your body a big boost of nutrients. A cleanse was just what I needed! I drank all six of the juices yesterday and ended the day with my second aerial yoga class. The studio is just a five minute walk away. It's SO nice to hang upside-down from stretchy fabric attached to the ceiling, who knew?! The class always ends with you laying sprawled in the hammock, and the last song to play was "What a Wonderful World." It really is too.

take care of yourself 



Creek Catch-Up

When I first pulled into my mom's driveway a week ago I was greeted by Aisha, a girl I used to babysit when I was in high school. My mom was giving her mom a massage and she was waiting patiently in the living room. It was a lovely welcome home to get to catch up with her and hear all about her soccer stardom, graduating from 8th grade, and playing violin. When she asked me if I'd be willing to give her a photography lesson I was very flattered (with the little that I know). So, this week I met her after school and we trekked into Lower Park with a camera and some iced tea.  It was mostly us talking and sharing funny junior high stories ... there are so many to choose from. Here are some of the photos she took of me after a bit of a "lesson." The ones I took of her have been added to the Portfolio tab above.