Just Lace

Funny, but after that last post about it being my day off I got a call from work asking me to cover for someone ... so yesterday was actually my first day off. I used to work in the morning but for the past couple months I have been working at night and it means that my sleep schedule is completely flipped. I really love getting to wake up when my body wants to. It's such a luxury! Today I walked to the gym, came back and made a particularly delicious lunch, and then took an hour-long nap before work. I feel like I have time for myself and it feels damn good. I'm savoring this, appreciating it. Also, literally everyone who came to my birthday get-together in Chico brought a bottle of wine so I've been indulging in them before bed ... tonight I sampled Julia's rosé and it was fucking delicious. 

cheers to getting enough sleep & self care <3


Lace & Denim

Lace Top - Victoria's Secret | Denim Dress - Thrifted | Boots - Free People

Hey hey! I hope you're doing well! I've a had a really nice couple days off. It started off with a movie/wine night in the bathtub. This has become one of my (not so guilty) pleasures. It's been quite chilly considering summer is around the corner and sometimes I just crave to be warmed to the bones, which a bath provides! The wine and movie just make it that much nicer. I tend to overheat quickly too so the movie or show distracts me and allows me to stay in a bit longer. You should try it ;). I've been to the gym both days I had off too. I was so sore this morning from yesterday but I still went to a Butt/Belly/Thighs workout class this morning. I don't think it would have been very hard if I hadn't been SO sore. It felt good to move all that lactic acid through my system though and I rolled out my muscles a bit on a foam roller after class. Afterwards I went to get a smoothie. Did you guys know that Jamba Juice has a 'secret' menu? I thought I'd try one that was recommended called the "Red Gummy." It was a little too sweet for me but it did taste so much like a gummy bear! I'll probably stick with my favorite Peanut Butter Banana one ;).