Good Days Only

Top - Free People | Jeans - Rollas | Sandals - Blowfish Malibu 

Hello hello! I just went to yoga for the first time in a couple weeks. I've been feeling a bit tight from going to the gym so I thought it would be a good idea to allot today to just stretching. I always bike to yoga and I lay it down next to me on the grass during class. I've had the thought that I could get too zen and someone could swipe it quickly so I lay my yoga mat case and my backpack over the frame. As I was walking my bike off the lawn after class today someone did actually try to steal someone's bike! After the owner started yelling that it was her bike a guy from yoga knocked a girl off the bike at the intersection and got the bike back. It was so crazy! The girl had a yoga mat but walked off quickly without it. What a silly decision! Yoga on the bluff is a free/donation based class so it just seems so strange to take a free class based on loving and nourishing yourself and then greedily try and steal someone's mode of transportation right afterwards. I was impressed with how quickly that guy sprung into action though. And I feel a bit sad for the girl who attempted the whole thing. 

Anyways :) I have tomorrow off and I'm happy about it. I've been scheduled with Tuesday & Thursdays off the last couple weeks and it's actually pretty nice. I never work more than four days in a row which feels really easy. 



Mini Juice Cleanse

On Monday night I headed up to Manhattan Beach, one of my favorite places, to have dinner with my uncle. He was here for a 12 hour layover on his way to Australia for two months (lucky!). I got there just in time to watch the sunset and then we got a delicious dinner at a restaurant a block up from the beach. After a bottle of wine, three dishes, and a slice of cheesecake I hugged him goodbye and sent him barreling down the street in a taxi, back to the airport. On my way back to my car I stopped by Pressed Juicery and was persuaded to take advantage of a pretty sweet promotion for a one day cleanse. With the cold weather and the holidays it's easy to go into hibernation mode - so it's reinvigorating to give your body a big boost of nutrients. A cleanse was just what I needed! I drank all six of the juices yesterday and ended the day with my second aerial yoga class. The studio is just a five minute walk away. It's SO nice to hang upside-down from stretchy fabric attached to the ceiling, who knew?! The class always ends with you laying sprawled in the hammock, and the last song to play was "What a Wonderful World." It really is too.

take care of yourself 




Happy Sunday! Today was a relaxing one for sure - and it was much needed. I had a slow morning: eating breakfast, hanging with the puppies, Jax and Bentley, and catching up with one of my best friends on the phone. I'll be heading home in a couple weeks to see all my friends, so we had some conspiring to do. Then I headed to the most relaxing Restorative Yoga class. The class is a perfect combination of stretching and napping, both of which I love! Then I came home and made a very yummy dinner while catching up on The Voice. I hope your day was just what you needed too.

Cheers to a great Monday ;)