Hello loves! I am chillin' in my usual coffee shop, post yoga on the bluff. I am addicted to one of the paninis here so I've been loving going to yoga and then working on the blog and eating lunch down the street. I am excited to share these photos! Yosemite is too beautiful for pictures to truly capture. I had such a nice weekend with a mixture twelve old and new friends. We camped for two nights with no reception, no electricity, just coyote howls and lots of stars. Fresh air does a body good. One thing that makes Yosemite so unique is the striking contrast between the soft green meadows and the towering rock formations and mountains. There is nothing gradual or transitory about the valley. It is two extremes that together, create a true work of art. Nature is magic. I am excited to be heading up to Chico in a couple weeks for my birthday. I have my two days there already jam-packed with plans which include more nature and a little dancing, among other things.  

Happy Monday 


Spring Mood Board

The new Instagram feature where you can save photos has quickly turned into a mood board. Scrolling through, I started to realize how cohesive my photos and interests are and thought they would make a nice collage to share. I hope these images inspire you as they've inspired me! There is a lot about social media that doesn't sit right with me but the ability to share and have access to inspirational art is undeniable.