Santa Barbara

Happy Monday y’all! I am currently in Maryland at my aunt’s condo. Najah and I flew to come see Victoria this weekend in D.C. and my aunt lives just a metro ride away so I get to see/stay with her as well! These photos were taken in Santa Barbara, on an early morning mission last week. I love me some palm trees and ocean … I hope you all have a great start to your week. My aunt should be home any minute and I’m hoping to go get some lunch and explore a bit. 


Feliz segunda-feira! Estou em Maryland no condomínio da minha tia. Najah e eu voamos para vir ver Victoria neste fim de semana em D.C. e minha tia mora a apenas uma viagem de metrô, então eu posso ver / ficar com ela também! Essas fotos foram tiradas em Santa Bárbara, em uma missão matinal na semana passada. Eu amo-me algumas palmeiras e oceano ... Espero que todos tenham um ótimo começo para a sua semana. Minha tia deve estar em casa a qualquer momento e eu espero ir almoçar e explorar um pouco.


Olá! I am having a lazy morning … just caught up on last night’s episode of Insecure. Yesterday’s hike with Ceci was really nice. We hiked for about three hours in Upper Park. She lived in Brasil for three years so it’s so nice to talk to someone who understands where I’m at and how exciting this move is. The hike ended in a quick dip in the creek. The water has gotten so cold but it felt amazing after a long hike in the peak heat of the day. I don’t have as many plans this week. I leave in a week basically so the biggest thing on my agenda is just stocking up on things I may need … makeup and hot sauce topping the list :). Gotta have your priorities haha. I did an oil treatment on my hair overnight so I need to go wash it out. I used castor oil this time (last time I used coconut oil) and the consistency is so much thicker! It was kind of hard to work it through my hair, but it promotes hair growth so I thought I’d try it out. Chico is extremely dry and my skin and hair have been feeling the effects. Lots of moisturizing! But I’m about to be in ALL the humidity :))) 

Olá! Estou tendo uma manhã preguiçosa ... acabei de pegar o episódio de Inseguro da noite anterior. A caminhada de ontem com a Ceci foi muito legal. Nós caminhamos por cerca de três horas no Upper Park. Ela morou no Brasil por três anos, então é muito legal conversar com alguém que entende onde eu estou e como isso é emocionante. A caminhada terminou em um rápido mergulho no riacho. A água ficou tão fria, mas pareceu incrível depois de uma longa caminhada no calor do pico do dia. Eu não tenho tantos planos esta semana. Eu saio em uma semana, basicamente, então a maior coisa na minha agenda é apenas estocar coisas que eu possa precisar ... maquiagem e molho quente no topo da lista :). Tenho que ter suas prioridades haha. Eu fiz um tratamento com óleo no meu cabelo durante a noite, então eu preciso ir lavar. Eu usei óleo de mamona desta vez (da última vez eu usei óleo de coco) e a consistência é muito mais grossa! Foi difícil trabalhar com o meu cabelo, mas isso promove o crescimento do cabelo, então eu pensei em testá-lo. Chico é extremamente seco e minha pele e cabelos estão sentindo os efeitos. Muita hidratação! Mas eu estou com toda a umidade :)))



Little Dove

Top - Boohoo | Jeans - Fashion Nova

Hello and happy hump day! Today is finally my Friday. I got scheduled for 10 days in a row, so basically two weeks of work all crammed together, but I've finally made it to the promised land! And guess what I get to do tomorrow!? I get to go see my cousin Cheyanna in Joshua Tree and meet her new baby! I am so excited to visit with her and spend some time in the desert. Yesterday I took a pile of clothes that has been sitting in a corner of my room to get tailored. The first place I went was a cleaners/tailor but when I started going through the items the woman cut me off and said she was in the middle of eating lunch and could I come back in 2.5 hours ... I was so confused. I had to go to work in a little over an hour and I felt like she was just turning me away. So I packed my stuff up and found a tailor a few blocks away that is super legit, and all men sewing in the back! The older man at the front had me try everything on and pinned it accordingly. One of my items is a cheetah print maxi dress that I got at the thrift store. I want to shorten it into a mini dress and man was he encouraging that. He kept telling me I could probably make it shorter haha. Very different from when my mom hems my clothes. I'm really excited to get it all back in a week.



Red Cross

Earrings - Boohoo | Top - Boohoo | Skirt - Vintage

I'm up far too late with far too much energy right now. I have to pack tomorrow to go to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to get a lot of things done tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get sleepy soon. I just read through my last few posts and all I talk about is how sore I am haha. I am sorry if I sounded like a broken record! I think it's just a novelty while I'm getting back into shape and it has literally been making it hard to walk so it's been on my mind a lot lately haha. Last night I went to dance class and learned how to do something I've wanted learn for so long. I was practicing a bunch at work today when I thought no one was looking and got caught a few times. After class some of the girls and I went to Taco Tuesday at a restaurant/bar nearby and got margaritas. It was a really nice ending to the day. 

Cheers to new dance moves and margaritas!